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Testimonials from our customersTestimonials from our customersTestimonials from our customers

My life has forever changed after meeting Gail at "your inner health"... I was a bit self conscious the first time that I came in to see Gail but she made me feel comfortable and natural. Doing the cleanse along with a full series of colonics resulted in having healthier skin, clear eyes and over 10 pounds of weight loss. With the toxins now out of my system my aches and pains of arthritis decreased and my all around sense of well being improved dramatically. Gail is a trusted health counselor and has helped me to significantly improve my health since our first meeting over 3 years ago. I now do colonics as a regular part of my health routine.

I am so grateful that I found Gail at "Your Inner Health" and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their health.

Michael R.
Laguna Hills, CA

I have known Gail for more than nineteen years. I have been seeing her for colon hydrotherapy for the last five years. As I was nearing my 60’s I started to focus on my health and what could I do to enhance my ability to live a long productive life into my 60’s, 70’s and eventually my 80’s. I spoke at length with Gail about her work at the clinic and she put together a health regimen involving diet, detoxification and colon therapy. I currently visit the clinic twice a month for colon therapy. My digestion is better with my meals moving quickly through my colon. I feel great, I walk every day without pain and I recommend Gail to anyone looking for a colon hydrotherapist.

Corona Del Mar, CA

I am a breast cancer survivor. I am well aware of the delicate balance that life presents some of us. My husband recommended Gail and colon hydrotherapy as a proactive step to maintain my health. I visit Gail once a month and I am sure that the visits help my body to stay strong.

Corona Del Mar, CA

Visited Gail, I was having frequent but irregular movements. Due to strenuous weight training I had internal hemorrhoids. After 3 visits, this issue had been resolved.

I continued to get weekly colonics and was seeing a marked reduction in the fat mass around my waistline. It has been a great experience and Gail is very knowledgeable. Her supplements have worked great for me. I continue to see her monthly.

Thanks Gail, Dr. Jacques

I started seeing Gail after having stomach problems, skin rashes, headaches etc. Gail immediately started me on a detox program. Within several months my symptoms were gone. Gail has always made my colonic sessions very personable and pleasant. I have learned so much from seeing her once a week for the past two years. Her program has changed my life.

Jane L

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